Unibet Casino Invites You to Spin Like a King to Win up to 275 Free Spins this Week!

At Unibet Casino, boosting your winnings is as easy as pie. The casino gives players plenty of chances to play and win more, thanks to the various promotions and bonuses. These offers are available to all kinds of players, be it slots, table games, poker or Live Casino players, so that everyone gets the opportunity to grab a piece of the many prizes.unibet casino

This week, though, it’s slots players’ week at Unibet Casino. Players are asked to do the one thing they love doing, spin the reels of a hit slot in order to win up to 275 Free Spins. What more could one ask for?

Win up to 275 Free Spins at Unibet Casino

If you’re a player at Unibet Casino or thinking to join it, you are in for a treat. There’s an excellent promotion running this week that will give you the chance to win up to 275 Free Spins.

The beauty of it is that you would have to play the mega-hit slot by Red Tiger Gaming called Reel King Mega. By playing this slot, and having fun playing it, you will reward yourself with Free Spins. You would need to play through the six levels to get to the top prize of 100 Free Spins, but each level has its own batch of Free Spins which will be credited to your account instantly. A total of 275 Free Spins can be won, should you go through all six levels.

How to do it? Well, you would need to log in at Unibet Casino or join it if you still haven’t, and opt-in to the promotion once you load the Reel King Mega slot by Red Tiger Gaming. Complete the staking requirement for the first level, and upon completion, you will be given the option to claim the Free Spins won. Claim them and use them and a new pop-up will appear notifying you that you can participate in the next level.

The requirements and prizes are as follows:

· Level 1: 5 Free Spins for a £20 bet

· Level 2: 20 Free Spins for a £50 bet

· Level 3: 30 Free Spins for a £75 bet

· Level 4: 50 Free Spins for a £100 bet

· Level 5: 70 Free Spins for a £150 bet

· Level 6: 100 Free Spins for a £200 bet

Promotional Terms and Conditions

The offer is valid from the 21st of May, 00:00 CEST, until the 27th of May, 23:59 CEST. You need to load the slot Reel, King Mega, in order to be able to opt into the promotion. You must complete the staking requirement in the pop-up to earn the Free Spins prize. Once you do that, you’ll get a new notification offering you to keep playing and levelling up.

You can qualify for a maximum of 275 Free Spins by completing all six levels. Each Free Spin will be worth £0.10 and will be credited to your account automatically upon completion of each level. All Free Spins you win must be used on Reel King Mega slot only, and all winnings you make with them will be real cash winnings. The Free Spins will expire in 30 days, so make sure you use them on time!

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Online Casino Design

Online casinos have expanded over the last few years, and nowadays there are thousands. The fact that there are extremely many choices of online casino has both its advantages and drawbacks. Online casino design is one big thing when you are in a mood to pick a new casino. This article is just about online casino design.

What is a successful design on online casino websites?

One advantage is that competition increases, and thus there will be better offers, promotions and bonuses for the players that the casinos give out for players to choose their side. On the other hand, there are negative aspects to this too. Namely that the more casinos it creates, the more casinos it is that money is deposited into.Online Casino Design

If there had only been a few casinos that many wagered money on, the deposit and thus the turnover at the casino had increased. Which had resulted in more and larger payouts from the casino in question? However, this aspect is not sufficiently important for how a casino and its financial turnover. But what is the most decisive factor in which casino players choose is primarily what the design looks like.

One reason why players are no longer attracted by the casino’s own statistics is that they don’t know how true it is. All casinos want to emphasize themselves by showing how many prizes they give out in the month and the winning amounts. This is basically the same everywhere because most casinos are based on the same mathematical algorithms. Therefore, online casino design plays in.

Like all other things that have a back thought regarding design and layout, it is important that the consumer in question remembers the matter. No protruding design but at the same time, not too much is optimal. A dull background and logo will usually not remember. Which is, of course, bad for the casino.

By checking out the casinos that are most current at the moment, a trend shows that it is effective with colourful backgrounds. An example of this is Leo Vegas which has an orange background. Any mascot for the website and the casino company is also effective to have, someone who stands out. Once again Leo Vegas has a lion that mascot. As they are among other things called Leo which is often associated with a lion. Leo Vegas in the two copies is one reason why they are a big company on the market.

How are customers affected by design?

Studies that are made show that the customer is influenced more by design than they think, not least when it comes to the design of websites. The ordinary man who visits a website where the colours do not fit with each other. The font on the website text is italic and outdated. It is very disjointed and unprofessionally captured images and it is difficult to navigate on the website. And a bad thing for the online casino design. Often results in the customer get a bad sense of the company and its products or services it sells.Online Casino Design

However, the statistics show that companies that have invested resources in terms of time. And money is getting a lot out of it because players get a serious experience of the casino if the online casino design is modernly designed and uses thoughtful images. However, it is a subtle limit on what is good modern and too very modern when it comes to design. A Web site that only includes effects that only newly-programmed computers can accomplish. And can be considered too much and therefore perceived as unserious.

They should not be demanding and difficult for the customer to scroll further on the online casino design. Some casino companies and especially game manufacturers have websites that change backgrounds as they scroll down the page. Which can be disturbing in some cases when more than one factor is changed on the screen. Such things that may seem good in the mind are usually not effective in practice.

Another decisive factor in the online casino design that customers are affected by is how easy it is to navigate the site. The site can see how elegant any time, but if it is difficult to find it, it falls in the eyes of many.

Don’t miss the online casino design at Highroller Casino!

High Roller Casino Review

High Roller Casino is a high fashion online casino and one of the most beautiful you ever have seen! This review is a fresh addition to the Swedish and the International casino market. Behind the business are experienced Kindred Group-that is, the same team that runs the game giant Unibet. Major players’ main focus is on offering gaming opportunities to gamers who like to play with big stakes. The casino was founded in 2016 and like so many other companies in the European casino world, it has its headquarters in Malta.High Roller Casino

Thanks to the casino being located in an EU country, all your gaming winnings are tax-free. The casino also has several security certificates issued by independent organizations that guarantee that the casino is safe and reliable. If you are a player who loves to bet and win a lot, this is a casino for you!

  • Allows for large stakes
  • Generous Welcome Package
  • Founded by experienced casino professionals

High roller casino are a great casino but the page’s appearance and design could be better. At the moment, the casino uses a brown and black design that gives a rather boring impression. There are of course players who like the dark tones but for us others the experience is a bit gloomy. Another disadvantage of the casino is that the Swedish support closes at midnight which is quite early for a modern online casino. Hopefully, International support will be expanded in the future.

  • Gloomy design
  • Free Spins
  • English support 
  • High Rollers Bonus

All new players who open a high roller account are welcomed with a welcome bonus. The bonus is paid out in four steps. For your first deposit, you will receive a bonus of 100% up to 300 euro. This means that if you deposit 300 euro you will have 600 euro to play for! In total, the bonuses are worth more than 600 euro! Best of all, big player bonuses don’t have a wagering requirement.

Although high rollers do not make use of wagering requirements, there are certain conditions linked to the bonuses. You cannot use the bonus money before you have lost the money you have deposited and any winnings that you have won. The bonus money thus acts as “reserve money” that you can use if you are doing bad for you when you play. In addition, you lose the deposit bonus if you win and withdraw your winnings. The minimum deposit required to receive a deposit bonus is €50. Each deposit bonus is available for 30 days after you have made the bet. After 30 days, you will forfeit the bonus.

High Roller Casino Free Spins

Many online casinos usually give their players free spins to attract them to play. Free Spins is a free spin that allows you to play slots without costing you anything. Free spins are usually given as bonuses or other promotions. High Roller is a casino that does not offer free spins. The reason for this is that the casino is aimed at players who wager large amounts and for most of the players, free spins are not very interesting. Of course, it is not entirely impossible that the casino will start offering free spins in the future to broaden its clientele.High Roller Casino

Although high rollers don’t give free spins to their players, there are still opportunities to get them by playing slots. Most modern slots include winning features that allow you to win free spins while playing. Different slots have different rules that indicate how to win such free spins but usually, you get them by spinning special symbols on the reels. This type of free spins can only be used on the currently playing slot.

High Rollers Game selection

The game range at this casino is huge and includes more than 450 games from several of the best game developers in the casino market. The main focus of the casino is, of course, on different types of slots. There are lots of high-quality slots with different themes and styles. No matter what kind of slots you like, you’ll find a slot that will be your taste. For players who like other games, high rollers offer slot machines with video poker. In addition, there are of course classic casino games like blackjack and roulette. The game range is kept fresh and constantly expanding with new games so you’ll always find something new to play.

In recent years, live Casino has become very popular in the casino world, and most online casinos offer service services. A live casino is a casino where players can play casino games together with a real dealer. High Roller Live Casino has a complete set of games. At the moment, you can play seven different table games at the big player live casino. You’ll find classic casino games like roulette and blackjack in the live lineup. If you want to try something new, you can also play for example Baccarat, Three Card Poker or Caribbean Stud Poker. Most of the live casinos are managed by the Evolution Gaming Company, which is one of the largest players in the online casino.

High roller Casino offer games from a variety of game providers. Among the casino’s partners are NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, GTS, Odobo, Yggdrasil and WMS. The casino also has agreements with many smaller developers and in total there are nearly 30 game providers represented in the big player’s range. A large number of partners means that the game range has a huge breadth. Even those who are veterans pillars and have seen most of it will probably find new gems in the big player’s DiGRA game range!

Mobile Casino for High Roller Casino

Today, many players choose to play slots and other casino games on mobile devices. It’s a convenient way to play that lets you play whenever and wherever you want. All you need to take part in the big player Mobile Casino is a modern smartphone. You do not have to download a special app to start playing at the Mobile casino. It is enough that you visit the casino’s website via your mobile and you will get to the mobile operated page. It is excellent to take advantage of the high rollers on the iPhone & iPad. Of course, if you don’t have an iPhone, you can also visit high rollers on Android.

The game range at the Mobile casino is a little less than at the computer casino. In total, however, there are more than 200 games on the mobile casino so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something that you like. All games available on the mobile casino are tailored for mobile devices. In addition to slots and casino games, it is also possible to take part in live casino via mobile. High Roller Casino has a stylish design and the navigation is very smooth.

High Roller Casino Summon

Do you have a fat wallet? High Roller casino is a new casino that turns to Swedish and internationals big rollers that wager large sums when they play. If you’re tired of all the small casinos that don’t let you wager really big sums, this is a casino for you. Here you finally get the chance to bet big bucks. The game range at the casino is wide and currently consists of more than 450 slots and other games. New games are also added continuously. By opening an account at the casino you can take part in a juicy welcome bonus that is worth more than 10 000 kronor!

Do you want to know what IKEA is, please read this article!

Democratic design at IKEA

Democratic design at IKEA – what is it?

Democratic design at IKEA – Some time ago I visited the Ikea museum in Älmhult. Something I can really recommend. Especially if you are able to walk the guided tour. To hear about the company’s history, about how Ingvar Kamprad already in young years looking for business opportunities and early began to sell pens and other office supplies, is at the same time both impressive and stimulating. Some failure eventually led to the fact that it was the furniture he was going to focus on. And early on, the strategy was to offer products to the wide masses, which is why a low price was an incredibly important part.
To learn a little more about how IKEA works with innovation and product development, I bought the book “IKEA Democratic Design”. With the help of the book, some things become very clear.

Democratic design at IKEA

Vision and business concept

To run a successful innovation work is based on the fact that there is a strong vision and business concept that is known and anchored by the employees.
Ikea’s vision is “to create a better everyday life for the many people. For our customers, but also for our suppliers and the people who work with our suppliers.” The business concept is “to offer a wide range of well-designed and functional home furnishing items at such low prices that as many people as possible can afford to buy them.”

These really seem to be anchored by Ikea employees. And based on these, decisions can be taken at all levels without constantly waiting for decisions to be taken higher up in the organization.

Culture that allows failure

“It’s quite OK to make mistakes, only one learns from them.” The risk is that it is only a lip confession. But organizations that are really successful with innovation make sure that it really applies. The opposite, “Management by fear”, is not a good leadership philosophy to stimulate creativity and innovation. IKEA recognizes in the book that it has failed to learn from its failures. Twice you have tried on air-filled furniture. But none of the time has been any success.

External influences

Ikea’s development department is relatively small, considering the size of the company. Not least therefore, it is important to take in external resources in the innovation work. The clearest examples are cooperation with well-known designers and collaborations with subcontractors, but more odd elements also occur. Such as visits to a “bamboo village” in China where important ideas about bamboo came about.

“Obsession” leads to innovations

Several of the participants in the book Talk about the “obsessed” of finding a solution. The story of the two “geniuses” that for 10 years worked on their idea before. They found a workable solution is the clearest example. Perhaps it is about (smålandic?) stubbornness, rather than obsession. But it is clear how important it is to really manage to push their idea all the way to the goal. Among the successful innovators. There are also many who have worked for a very long time at IKEA. Between 25 and 45 years, giving them a tremendous knowledge of customer needs and possible technical solutions.
IKEA and “democratic design
IKEA calls its model for product development “IKEA Democratic Design”: IKEA will offer “good design for the many people by offering well designed interior solutions with amazing shape and function, high quality, built with focus on sustainability and At an affordable price. “

The basis is thus five “principles”, all equally important, to be balanced in all projects:

  • Form
  • Function
  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Low price

What would be interesting to know more about is how the work to balance the five principles goes into practice. Quality and durability feel possible to measure but what are the acceptability criteria for form and function out? In terms of “low price” a project is described to produce a LED light for €1, and it was expressed as a wish of Ingvar Kamprad but how do you know that a chair has “low price”?

Democratic design also means that “every part of the manufacturing chain has a representative (in the development projects) and everyone has as much to say about”.

Just when I would summarize my impressions of “IKEA Democratic Design” damp latest issue of Harvard Business Review down in the mailbox. In it is an article by Gary Pisano titled “The Hard Truth About innovative cultures”. In it, he summarises the requirements for an innovation culture in the following paragraphs (freely translated into Swedish):

  • Tolerate failures but not incompetence
  • Willingness to experiment but disciplined
  • Psychological security but brutal sincerity
  • Cooperation but individual responsibility

All four points are clearly illuminated in the book IKEA Democratic Design, and in some way is confirmed well thereby also Pisano’s conclusions.

What does design mean

What does design mean and why is it important?

What does design mean, you might ask yourself. Then you are probably not alone. There are many perceptions of what design means and implies. In addition, there is no finished definition of the word design. If you ask those who know a little more about the subject, you will get different answers depending on who you ask. Without going in too deeply on design theory. I will still try to give you an overall guidance on what design is and why it is important. But first let’s look at one of the most common reasons why the concept of design causes confusion.

What does design mean

The general perception of design

The most common perception of design is that it is only about the color and shape of a product or service. But design is actually not color and shape. Although this is often the term used in colloquial terms. What is meant by the concept of design is actually the qualities and qualities of the product because of the outcome of a design and thought process. It is thus the result of design that the public usually aims at when the buddy says “Have you seen what a nice design this new watch has!”.

So the concept of design can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In the example above, the word can be considered to. Serve as a reference to a design process that has previously taken place. Although most are not aware or reflect on this. Even more confused? Okay let’s examine the concept of design a bit more.

What does design mean?

To summarize the concept of design, it could be described as:

Based on a purpose create something to serve someone (yourself, other people, society and the World) with one (or more) needs as a starting point.

Design is an approach to finding solutions to needs or problems based on a purpose. Needs need not be known. The problems need not be well defined. It may suffice to set up a target image or vision, in other words, a notion of what is to be accomplished. Design also has one or more receivers like IKEA has. Design should contribute something to someone for a value to occur.

The design process or methods used will depend on the known and well-described needs or problems. But even the severity of what is to be solved is crucial for the procedure.

Why is design important?

To answer why design is important, I can reconnect to what design actually does. Design is therefore ultimately about solving problems based on needs. But it’s not unique to design. So how does it usually look if design is not used as an attack way?

The traditional way of attacking

In the past, traditional problem solving (originating from rationalism) has been the predominant way to work. Traditional problem solving is based on using a purpose to collect as much facts as possible, and then to produce the most accurate solution possible. Once a solution is determined, it has been implemented and only when it has been in use has it been evaluated. If we look to the IT world and the creation of IT systems. This has contributed to work carried out according to Vattenfall’s models and that many products, services and systems have not delivered the right effect or any effect at all when a bet hit the wrong.

The value of design as an approach

In contrast to the traditional way of solving problems, Design takes its approach through experience-based knowledge (empirical). The hallmark of design is to examine the reality (the real situation and its actors) and try to understand the problem rather than directly trying to find an ultimate solution to it. The value of investigating the problem is that the perspective is shifted from resolving A problem that is considered given. To understand it and to start from these insights when a solution is developed. By working in this way, new knowledge is created and a holistic understanding that does not seldom lead to the actual problem description need to be reformulated during the course of work.

What does design mean

Next, design differs further from the traditional way of solving problems. Instead of trying to find a single solution to the problem, it is taken at an early stage in the design process to produce several possible ideas on how the problem can be solved and prototypes are built to test and evaluate them. This in turn gives new insights that are used as a basis for selecting the best solution and working on it. This is repeated until sufficient benefit can be demonstrated and the solution is considered good enough. This work thus provides higher accuracy to achieve the right effect than traditional problem solving because the effect can be measured already while the design process is in progress. In addition, there are more benefits.

Here are listed some of the key benefits of working with design as an attack approach:

  • Design creates the prerequisites for a successful partnership between clients and contractors where the client has more influence to steer towards the desired effects
  • Design focuses on solving the real needs
  • Design puts the user and the customer at the center
  • Design is inclusive in nature and encourages active cooperation where all stakeholders need to collaborate to achieve a successful outcome
  • Design contributes to increasing qualitative values. This in turn leads to competitive advantages.
  • Design enhances the understanding of your business and your customers, enabling you to take good business decisions
  • Design contributes to sustainability and long-term thinking by ensuring the whole

What areas can the design be used for?

Design can be used for everything from developing or further developing products, services and service to building houses and planning cities. Design can be used to model databases and IT systems. Design can be used to design business offerings using strategic models. Design can be used to produce new collections of clothing. The criteria are that it follows a design process, has a purpose and that it serves someone based on a need.

Please read our next post in the series on Design: How is practiced design?

Within a few weeks we will write more about design. Then we look further at how design is practiced, what is meant by “Design thinking” and what a designers role is!

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Welcome to Dvisiondesign.net. We will talk about allot of different design projects and types of design. 

There is as you probably know allot of design types out there. There is designers for houses, pictures, huge buildings and so on. Below we will get deeper into why each design object is so different from the other one.

Why have a good design?

Incorporating great design into your business model can seem like a daunting task. It can be difficult to know where to begin. Whether you work in development, management or communications. It’s important to know that good design is good for business. A consistent look can build your brand and establish trust with consumers and tastemakers. Communication platforms, from websites to print media to social networks, incorporate design on both the visual and product levels. Just like the Golden Ratio that repeatedly appears in art and nature, there are simple aesthetic principles you can follow to improve design in your messaging.

On a canvas, there is positive space filled with text, shapes and forms. Then there’s negative space, which is the empty space around the text and forms. Not carefully considering the negative space can leave a page cluttered and unreadable. Margins are a form of negative space. As are gutters between columns.


Does your page have balance? One of the oldest principles of design is symmetry. This means that one side of your canvas mirrors another. You can see symmetry in building facades. Human faces and book covers. You can balance out an image with a block of text.


Aligning the elements on your canvas helps to create order and organization. Just as it’s easier to find a pen or notepad on a well-organized desk, Dvisiondesign it’s easier to scan a well-aligned page. Try using a grid or guides to lay out your document. You can also place your objects on the canvas then align them once you’ve gotten them how you want them.


Although it’s easy to think of text as separate from the visual elements of your design, typography has its own rules. Your readers will notice everything from the style of your ampersands to the size of the ascenders and descenders. Don’t let your text formatting be an afterthought. For instance, follow the instructions in this image to choose font weights and sizing for headers in your document.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design means that the layout Dvisiondesign changes and adapts to the size of the screen, making the website always look good-no matter what device the visitor is using.

The technology has evolved and today we have a huge range of smartphones, tablets and computers in all the world’s different screen sizes. For websites to look good in all windows, the structure must be changed and images rescaled.

It takes some work in the development phase to make the website responsive but the result is quite magical. The structure, layout and content of the website automatically adapts to the visitor’s screen and looks just as crisp in all windows.

It’s hardly user-friendly to have to scroll through Dvisiondesign page LEDs or zoom in/out in order to read text or see full pictures. If you have only customized your website for desktop. This is what your customers are greeted with if they enter your website via their smartphones or sour plates.

If you go into a website and see that it is not responsive, you quickly turn it down again.

Why should the site be responsive?

Today, 91 per cent of Sweden’s population have access to the Internet. 77 per cent own a smartphone and 59 per cent have a tablet.

Adolescents 16-25 years of age are connected on the Internet in their phones on average 13.9 hours a week and 26-35yearolds surf an average of 10.9 hours.

With these figures in hand. It is not hard to figure out why it is so important that the website looks good even in mobile/tablet.

Google has also updated its search engines to improve the quality of search results in tablets and smartphones, which means that websites that are not responsive will rank worse.

In addition to being less user friendly if you don’t have a responsive website, they rank worse on Google. In other words, if you have a responsive website, you will rank higher than the non-responsive websites.


Are images also responsive?

Yes! Images are responsive to make them look good on all devices and screen sizes. For a large image to look good on small screens, it will need to be cropped. The container in which the image is located will always be 100 per cent wide but it may vary in height. The image is programmed to always be 100 percent in height or sideways depending on how large the screen the visitor has.

If the screen size causes the image to not fill out in height and the image is 100 percent wide, it will shift and instead fold 100 percent vertically (and cropped sideways). The way the image is cropped is determined by the designer based on the type of images used and the location of the page they are placed.

You can choose to place the image on the top, bottom, or center (Y-led), and left, right, or centered (X-led).

In the example below, you can see our top image on the home page. Here we have chosen to align the image so that it settles top to top and centered in the X-direction. As the image is also wide enough to fit into the container, it will be cropped vertically. The alignment (top and center) determines that the lower part of the image is cropped.

Had our image been wider and lower, the X-led had been cropped as much on each side, because we adjust the centretat in the X-led.

Had our picture been different in conditions (wider and lower), it had then in the X-led cropped as much on each side (because we adjust centered in the X-led). Easy huh?